South Shore Oil Burner Service

Oil burner service is a specialized section of heating service. It covers changing the oil filter which is usually at the tank, removing and degreasing the burner “gun assembly”, inspecting the electrodes and the porcelain insulators for cracks.

Plymouth South Shore oil burner service repair Pembroke Middleboro MAThen we usually have to change the nozzle with the proper size and spray pattern. This can make it spray less oil while producing the same level of heat or even more heat. This alone can make your oil boiler run more efficiently & cheaper.

We also examine the retention head on the burner itself and clean it if it is dirty. If it’s dirty, why is it dirty?¬† We explore and remove the pump casing and clean the strainer. If it is a Webster pump there is no strainer to clean. We also oil all motors if necessary. Then we pull the boiler clean out covers or furnace clean out covers, remove the smoke pipe and check the chimney for anything unusual . ¬†Then we brush and vacuum out the passages and smoke pipe.

After all is said and done we reassemble the furnace or boiler and perform a combustion test to make sure everything is running efficiently and properly.

Whether you have a boiler or furnace ( fhw or steam) or FHA system, a licensed oil burner tech should inspect and clean the appliance and check the combustion with a combustion analyzer once a year. The oil filter needs to be changed yearly as well. This would be the first line of protection for the nozzle. The nozzle is a metering device that atomizes the fuel oil into a mist. It can be clogged quite easily. A clean filter once a year helps keep the oil clean. ” Dirty oil makes a dirty fire” and our goal is to keep you burning a “clean fire”. So if you haven’t had your oil burner serviced in over a year contact us as soon as possbile.